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2022-10-16 21:15:21

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This time we will tell you everything you need to know about how to get epic equipment in, so we hope you are more than ready.

What is epic team about in

This is one of the best types of equipment you can find in the game, so it is obtained differently than other equipment.

How to get epic equipment in

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Epic equipment cannot be obtained normally, but will have to be fused. The first thing you need to do is fuse 2 pieces of gear that fit into the same slots, but keep in mind that they don't have to be identical.

For the above fusion, you will have to get 1 excellent equipment. You will have to fuse this gear again to get 2 great gear. Once you have the 2 pieces of great 2 gear, you will have to combine them to get the epic gear, which by the way, you can't fuse again to get the legendary gear. Otherwise you will have to fuse gold items to get legendary gear.

  Now that we are done with this article on how to get epic
equipment in, we hope we have been very helpful for you to get the best gear in the game.

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