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2022-10-16 22:15:56

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Find out how to complete chapter 1 in in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about chapter 1 in

  While we progress in this game we will be facing different hordes of zombies that are found throughout the city, survival will depend on our weapons and improvements that we apply to them, when we see each other in chapter 1 of the game we must perform correctly if we want to progress considering the random and To know how to complete it, let's follow the content of this guide below.

How to complete chapter 1 in

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How to Get the Death Ray in

If you keep reading you can learn how to get the death ray in, so pay attention.

During this chapter it is opportune to use Kunai that will be effective with Bosses, in addition to this we can evolve this weapon into Shuriken, only to achieve it we must find Ninja Scroll, now we can get weapons such as Forcefield Device, Guardian, Brick and both Drones , which will help us to defeat the enemies quickly, otherwise we must progress on the map moving in circles, it is necessary to defeat one of the following bosses:

  • Boucebloom: this boss will shoot projectiles 3 times that disperse by bouncing off the surface, keeping a distance is appropriate.
  • Devourer: if we remain static he will come towards us, while we are moving we will easily defeat him.
  • Steel Ghasher: With our improved weapons and skills it can be easy for us to beat him, we just avoid his projectiles.

 This is all there is to know about How to complete Chapter 1 in, you just have to apply the instructions to achieve it.

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