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2022-10-16 22:01:09

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We welcome you to our guide on All Weapon Evolutions in Survivor!.io.

What to know about weapon evolutions in Survivor!.io?

  It is a system that allows us to update our weapons in combat, being very opportune to improve our performance, now seeking to be up to date with all the evolutions of weapons, it is opportune to closely follow the content of this guide to be presented below, let's see.

What are all the weapon evolutions in Survivor!.io?

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There are 18 evolutions that we must mainly consider, added to this that there are constant updates to the game that can add boosts and the details of each one are as follows:

  •  The katana improves the wave force of the blade
  • The kunai adds 1 damage
  • RPG fires and explosive rockets
  • Piercing shot improves by 1
  • The boomerang will be thrown in 1
  • The guardian allows to summon a couple of these spinning around us
  • The force field device will generate a dissolution field
  • Lightning emitter causes a shower in a target area when grilling
  • With the soccer ball, a ball is thrown that bounces
  • The Ronin Oyoroi reduces damage by -10 percent
  • Koga's experience gain improves by 8 percent
  • Ammunition HE fuel will hit 10 percent
  • The propellant bullet's flight speed is 10 percent
  • Magnet item loot range hits 100 percent power
  • With the Exo-Bracer you get an additional 10 percent of the time of the effect
  • With the energy drink you restore 1 percent of HP for 5 seconds
  • With the energy cube, attack intervals are presented at -8 percent
  • With sports shoes speed improves by 10 percent

  "We hope that the information detailed here on All Weapon Evolutions in Survivor!.io has been very useful for your progress and fun in the game.

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