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If you want to know how to use waste rock in Surviving Mars keep reading, because this guide has everything you need to know.

What is waste rock in Surviving Mars?

This is an element that is generated as you use extractors to harvest resources in the game. This element can be annoying after a while, but fortunately here we will tell you how to us waste rock.

How to use waste rock in Surviving Mars?

The first thing you should do is establish dumping sites in the vicinity of the by-product, which you can find in storage and will allow you to keep enough sterile rocks, which means a help at least until you have the ability to transform the waste rock. Into something more usable.

That more usable appears when investigating waste rock liquefaction in the engineering branch of the tech tree. This will allow you to access the waste processors, which will convert the by-product into concrete.
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You can also establish India as a sponsor and in this way obtain the metal refinery, which will allow you to convert the waste rock into metals.

If you have already overpowered the space race DLC presents, you will be able to access Brazil as a sponsor. Brazil has a metal refinery with which you can convert the by-product into rare metals.

In Planet Green DLC you can deal with the waste rock in its carbonate processor, which you can access in the terraforming branch of the Tech Tree and in this way improve the atmosphere using the by-product.

The last option is to use mods, which will allow you for example to obtain an infinite mega storage of barren rock, among others. But the vast majority of these mods may not be in working order right now.

That's all you need to know about how to use waste rock in Surviving Mars, so now that you know, we hope you can get the most out of this item and get rid of it in time.

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