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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-09-23 19:01:16

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Guide to learn how to get the Eel ou in Super Mario 64

  Super Mario 64 is back to take your screen on the Switch, so it's our duty to guide you once again on your adventure in this Nintendo classic. This time we will focus on teaching you How to get the eel in the game so that you can get a power star.

How to get the Eel ou in Super Mario 64?

To achieve this goal in the game, you will have to get dangerously close to him and keep a moderate distance from him. Once you torment him with the possibility of a meal long enough, he will start swimming outward and find the star he needs attached to his tail.

This task is all about some speed because you need to swim quickly to catch the star or you will have trouble reaching it. The eel will eventually return to its hole if it did not see the star and can start the process over.
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The best way to avoid being directly attacked by the eel is to swim under it. You should be able to get close enough to it while avoiding damage. When you see the eel come out of the hole, that will be your signal to start swimming towards its body so that it can be close enough to grab the star without it escaping.

Once you touch the star you will travel back to the front of the eel cave area. So you just need to swim there and get it back! With that you will see that you have completed the mission.

  Now that you know how to get the Eel ou in Super Mario 64 you can get another star in a way that will allow you to continue advancing in this classic game of our childhood. Luck!

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