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Ambar Jimenez
2020-09-23 18:50:45

Boasting a rapidly increasing portfolio of casino games and a consistent record of innovation, Betsoft have certainly made their mark in the iGaming industry over the last few years. As the winners of multiple awards, the company has built a strong reputation for creativity and thinking outside the box, leading to the production of content that keeps players entertained.

Having already become established as one of the most cutting-edge iGaming companies, with numerous popular and successful game releases over the last decade, Betsoft are always keen to keep exploring new avenues, embracing new ideas and promoting new concepts that appeal to online casino sites and their clients.

As entertainment mediums increasingly merge, with the fusion of cross-platform gaming already having shown signs of success, Betsoft could well be looking towards next-generation consoles like the upcoming Xbox Series X, as they forge ahead with plans for exciting future game releases.

Current Xbox Compatibility

At present, Betsoft don’t make casino games exclusively for the Xbox, with the primary focus of their development efforts having focused on desktop and mobile browser games. Nevertheless, as anyone familiar with using the built-in Microsoft software and browsers will already be aware, we still have access to a huge array of online browser games via our Xbox One. That’s likely to continue when the next-generation Xbox Series X is released.

Given that all the most popular Betsoft casino sites had already made the switch from Flash to HTML5 in 2016, their games have worked fine when accessing them via the Xbox browser, whether using Internet Explorer 10 or Microsoft Edge. You can see their current offerings here, including the latest reviews for the best locations to play popular slots like Bamboo Rush or Wolf Moon Rising.

While playing online slots via a smartphone or tablet can be fun, spinning reels on a laptop PC can be just as entertaining, although playing them via your Xbox browser on a huge TV screen is a whole other experience. This is never truer than when playing some of the latest video slots, especially given the developer has gained renown for making some of the very best interactive 3D games in the industry.

Next-Gen Casino Gaming

If there’s one thing about online casinos that we’ve all come to expect, it’s the fact they’ll have a recognisable selection of games. Most will feature a variety of classic table games like poker and blackjack, along with their variants and live options, while there’s always a big selection of slots based on every possible style and theme.
Although they have also produced plenty of games fitting within the typical niche of casino games, in the last year Betsoft made a ground-breaking move with the launch of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra. This became the first of a new franchise by the developer, introducing multi-player MMO-styled gaming to online casinos and iGaming sites. The latest Max Quest release titled Mission: Amazon, looks just as exciting.

In this new series of games, participants get to explore beautifully detailed fantasy worlds with up to five other players. As they complete quests, players earn experience points which help to increase their level, as they compete for rankings on an overall leaderboard. What’s more, there are loads of individual treasures and prizes to be found while adventuring, which can be converted into cash prizes.

Given that the Max Quest franchise has already met with critical praise from gamers, especially having turned role-playing and adventure gaming into another niche available to online casinos. Likewise, this franchise meets a growing demand for more skill-based and interactive games at online casinos, putting players more in control and less reliant on luck or chance.
Future Ambitions

There’s no doubt that Betsoft will continue to develop a strong selection of traditional casino games and video slots, along with software suites that provide total solution packages for iGaming sites. However, it’s the willingness to push the boundaries of what’s expected at online casinos, which really sets them apart right now.

MMO’s like Destiny 2 and Neverwinter have already shown their popularity across different console platforms, while Bless Unleashed and Phantasy Star Online 2 are exclusive to the Xbox One. While these games use the free-to-play or monthly subscription models as their basis, they are all monetised by microtransactions, if players want to customise their characters or get ahead faster, rather than spending additional time grinding to keep their gaming completely free.
The novel concept that Betsoft have brought to the iGaming table with their Max Quest franchise, could also work for them on the next-generation consoles. Although they haven’t yet announced plans for any exclusive releases for the Xbox One or the Xbox Series X, it’s hard to imagine such an innovative company won’t have that aim in mind at some point.
In an era when loot boxes and microtransactions are already widespread in mainstream gaming, their approach to merging mainstream multi-player gaming and gambling is actually a lot more transparent. For online casino sites which host the next Betsoft games within this niche, it also puts them firmly into a mainstream video gaming market they’ve craved for years.

The Next Steps

As for whether Betsoft will ever make games for the Xbox, which was the question raised by this article, well, don’t be the least bit surprised. Their innovative and creative past would suggest that consoles are the next big target they have in mind, which is good news indeed for Xbox gamers.


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