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We continue working on Subnautica and this allows us to tell you how to obtain Fungal samples, let's see.

What are Fungal samples in Subnautica?

  As we progress in this game, we are allowed to have the possibility of obtaining different resources, since it is specifically necessary to know how to obtain samples of fungi, these are nothing more than an autochthonous fleet of the planet and tend to contain fungal enzymes that are usually Necessary as we progress through the story, as these types of resources are necessary to make some objects that are usually vital in our journey to discover the past and escape from it.
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    How to get Fungal samples in Subnautica?

    Getting them is actually quite easy, since it is necessary to mobilize ourselves to the biome of the Fungal forests and choose to approach one of the arboreal fungi, fortunately there is a considerable amount of them, which is not a cause for concern, in addition they usually contain a rather particular size and design, they tend to be seen as a type of large coral which makes it necessary to take a good amount of samples, just go to a plug of the "Tree Fungal" and proceed to interact with it, then we make use of a Survival knife to collect them, although there is also the possibility of colliding with them for which it will only be necessary to have a vehicle such as the Seamoth.

    Once we have the samples it is ideal to understand that they are only viable within the story can provide 70 energy when placed in the "Bioreactor", this search task is really necessary in the plot of the game, in fact, a A necessary point where we start to incubate sea emperor eggs and for this we must have at least 1 sample of fungi, this allows us to manufacture incubation enzymes, which are nothing more than a type of organic substance that can be made from these plants:


    •  1 Fungal sample.
    • 1 ghost roe seed.
    • 1 eye plant seed.
    • 1 sea crown seed.
    • 1 bulb bush sample.

     We can conclude this guide on How to get Fungal samples, because with this we are allowed to get a necessary resource in Subnautica.

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