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Knowing how to find magnetite is a necessary task to perform in Subnautica and here we are going to explain everything you need to know.

What is magnetite in Subnautica?

This game offers us a number of interesting resources, some with more complex locations than others, in this sense, knowing how to find magnetite embarks us on a search that can occur from the beginning, only in this case it is ideal to be a little more careful It is a raw material that is not far away, in this sense, on the one hand there is no need to travel very far, in addition we only have to have a scanner to carry out the respective search.
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    How to find magnetite in Subnautica?

    To do this, it is enough to use the scanner and from there, go to some specific biomes, as this means that there is the possibility of finding it in some places such as:


    •  The caves in the mountains.
    • The mushroom caves.
    • The mountains, you just need to be careful with the reaper leviathans.


     These places mentioned are usually the most abundant, however, knowing how to find magnetite leads us to explore other areas that can become more complex such as:


    •  The lava castle.
    • The blood algae zone.
    • The path of the traveler of the sea.
    • The inactive lava zone.
    • The lost river.


     The magnetite in Subnautica has interesting uses, handicraft is one of them, below we leave a list with the articles that can be manufactured with this resource and these are:


    •  Repulsion cannon.
    • Propulsion cannon of the shrimp suit.
    • HUD chip of the exploration room.
    • Improved sonar of the cyclops.
    • Improved reach of the scanner salt.
    • Seamoth MK2 depth module.
    • Thermal plant.
    • Stasis rifle.
    • Sonar of the Seamoth
    • Seamoth Vortex Torpedo


     Next we leave this list where we are allowed to present the articles in which magnetite can be used in subnautica and they are:

    • Habitat Builder.
    •  5 Titanium
    • 2 Magnetite
    • 1 Airgel
    • Repulsion cannon


     Vehicle upgrade console.

    •  1 Copper Wire
    • 2 Magnetite
    • Prawn Suit Propulsion Cannon


     Vehicle upgrade console.

    •  1 Computer Chip
    • 5 Titanium
    • 1 Lithium
    • 2 Magnetite
    • Seamoth Vortex Torpedo


     Vehicle upgrade console

    •  1 Titanium
    • 1 Magnetite
    • Cyclops Sónar Upgrade


     Cyclops Upgrade Console

    •  1 Computer Chip
    • 3 Magnetite
    • Scanner room HUD chip


     Modification station.

    •  1 Propulsion Cannon
    • 1 Computer Chip
    • 2 Magnetite
    • Seamoth MK2 depth module


     Modification station.

    •  1 Seamoth MK1 Depth Module
    • 1 Plasteel Ingot
    • 2 Magnetite
    • 1 Enameled glass
    • Sónar Seamoth



    •  1 Computer Chip
    • 1 Battery
    • 1 Titanium
    • 2 Magnetite
    • Thermal Plant


     Manufacturer of the scanner room.

    •  1 Computer Chip
    • 1 Magnetite
    • Improved range of the scanner room


     Manufacturer of the scanner room.

    •  1 Copper ore
    • 1 Magnetite

     This is all we can contribute about How to find magnetite and the respective uses that we can give to this raw material in Subanutica.

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