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We invite you to discover How to obtain airgel, a new task in Subnautica.

What to know about the airgel in Subnautica?

It is one of the materials necessary for our survival in the game which is very advanced, it is a light liquid that will help us in the manufacture of other different resources, so it is ideal that we come to understand how to obtain airgel and that is what the next content of this guide will talk about, let's see it.

How to get airgel in Subnautica?

This is possible by doing it in a manufacturer that we have located in our starting base or in the Lifepod 5, taking into account the need for some ingredients such as the Gel Bag and Ruby, considering that getting them is not easy to achieve but it is it's possible.

  • The gel bag: in the surroundings of the game it is possible to find this precious resource stuck on the walls of the caves, very frequently and it is possible to harvest with the hands, it is about unique, purple and bright spots that will be displayed everywhere, with the knife we can harvest or collect them too.
  • The Ruby: we have to find it in 3 possible places such as the great reef, Lost River and the Caves of the tunnel of the sea walkers, it is certainly easy for us to find it, it has the appearance of a small white rock that has 4 spikes red that will be sticking out of it, they shine at night and this makes it easier to get it.

Knowing how to obtain airgel is interesting, since it allows us to unwind and have more fun in Subnautica.

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