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In the following article you will find everything about how to easily increase popularity in Stronghold Warlords, so let's continue.

What is the popularity of Stronghold Warlords good for?

Popularity is a key element if you want to lead a successful army, because if your people don't stay happy, they will leave quickly. And considering that increasing popularity has its science, we are going to tell you how to do it.

How to easily increase popularity in Stronghold Warlords?

The most obvious way for everyone to increase popularity is by reducing the tax rate, which is also the easiest way to do it, the problem is that if there are no taxes, there is no money for new buildings and units.
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    Another method is to increase your people's rice rations, but keep in mind that rice will also be needed to build most of the structures.

    The best way to increase popularity without reducing production is by building better homes. To do this you will have to position yourself first in the third mission, and it is from there that you can start building vegetable farms and although these take more time to start working, it will give you the benefit of having more food and in this way forming Your villagers' diet with vegetables, which will allow you to save the rice for new buildings.

      Now that you know how to easily increase popularity in Stronghold Warlords, we hope you can do it with this excellent method that will not decrease your production, so go for it.

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