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Edelmira Leon
2021-03-10 13:23:26

More about: Pokémon GO

If you still don't know how to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO, we invite you to read the following article, because we have you covered.

What is a snapshot in Pokémon GO?

It corresponds to a function that takes pictures of the characters in the real world and with which you can finish many research tasks. So go ahead if you want to know how to take a snapshot.

How to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO?

There are two ways to take these types of photos.

For the first you will have to access the Pokémon menu> select the character of whom you want to have the snapshot and select the camera icon that is in the upper right to take the photo.
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If you have AR enabled, you will need to follow the instructions for it to work. But disabling that feature will make snapshots easier and faster, and Pokémon will appear walking across the screen just by touching the camera.

The second way is by entering the Elements menu> select the Camera item> select the Pokémon you want or the one the research task indicates to you and then touch the camera icon in the upper right to take the photo.

  I hope this article has shown you how to take a snapshot in Pokémon GO, in very simple ways, and you can try the ways that you like the most and that are most comfortable for you.

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