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Angel Marquez
2020-10-02 14:32:00

More about: Star Wars Squadrons

We invite you to discover How to play with friends a new task in Star Wars Squadrons.

What to know about playing with friends in Star Wars Squadrons?


  The multiplayer mode certainly leads us to improve our fun despite the fact that we get to form teams with people we do not even know, but it is also possible that we do it with friends, for this it is necessary that we first enter a squad with our friends, considering the fact of sending or accepting an invitation, therefore if we want to know how to play with friends there are some indications to consider and in the following content of this guide we will have them detailed, then let's look at them carefully.
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How to play with friends in Star Wars Squadrons?

 With the touch of the PS4 or the View of the Xbox One we have to access the social menu first, here we are going to search and choose the friend from a list, which will appear automatically, and then in the name of this press the X or the A, we will use the invite option so that he receives one, when it is accepted, we will have both the name and his avatar on the left screen, once all our friends are in the squad what we will do next is go to the mode multiplayer and the rest is automatic, now in the event that our friend is the host of the squad, it is necessary for our friend to perform the previous steps and invite us, which we will accept by pressing and holding the buttons according to the corresponding console, for this we access to the screen with the R1 or RB to get to the tabs where the invitations are.

 Knowing how to play with friends is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Star Wars Squadrons.

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Frostbite 3
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October 2, 2020
Single-player, multiplayer
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