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In the Fortnite universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to use Black Panther's kinetic armor and here we will tell you how to do it.

  Marvel superheroes continue to set the tone in the current fourth season of Fortnite, this time we are before Black Panther, many things from Marvel we will be able to find throughout the map, we will even have their abilities, seeking to take advantage All the content is why we seek to know how to use the kinetic armor of Black Panther, to support ourselves we have the content of this guide, you just have to see the details below.
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What to know about Black Panther's kinetic armor in Fortnite?

 This kinetic armor is considered one of the mythical weapons that Marvel heroes can have, the presence of these are identified as round tokens that shine, at a distance they are possible to notice by a ray of light that they will be emitting, these appear in the modes that are limited on Marvel, it is good to understand that kinetic armor can drive away our opponents with a shock wave that it releases, we are just going to look for it on the map and take this ability, which we will only have to equip and activate in the same way that for any of the weapons in the game, now following the reading we will go into the most precise details to know how to use the kinetic armor of Black Panther, let's continue then.

 How to use Black Panther's kinetic armor in Fortnite?

 Being what can bring us more problems is finding it first than the other players, being in the standard mode we will see that there is constant patrol of the drones in the location of the Quinjet, although there are many mythical weapons within our reach, through of the drones we will not get any, but it is necessary to end these to continue the process, now if we are in Marvel Standoff mode we have that our start with mystical weapons is something that will be presented randomly, we will have them very frequently in our map and on the radars they will appear, we will even know what weapon it is when it is on the map, considering the unique symbols that each of these have, when we have the kinetic armor and we equip it, it is possible to use the shock wave when firing it as if it were a weapon for standard modes and in marvel LTMs with the bumper, left shot.

 In this way we finalize our guide on Fortnite, now you know how to use the Black Panther kinetic armor, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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