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Our Genshin Impact walkthrough lets us tell you how to get more Masterless Stardust and Starglitte

What is Masterless Stardust and Starglitte in Genshin Impact?

  These are two other types of currencies in this game, we can get them, receive them and use them in some characters or simply in the acquisition of weapons, they are ideal to get wishes, and it is necessary to get them throughout the game, the advantage we have is that as we explore we get some number of interesting objects and items where these coins could well be, the best of all is that there is no need to have to use real money.
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How to get more Masterless Stardust and Starglitte in Genshin Impact?

 It is necessary to make it clear that it is only possible to receive stardust and starlight without the master of wishes, because first it is necessary to use wishes to unlock the coins and then if you can use them, because here it is not only necessary to explore to make wishes, There are many more activities than that, these coins are great, they can be used to buy some items, there is no need, so it is good since we can make the purchase directly thus avoiding the Gacha format, for this it is necessary to go to Paimon `s Bargains located underneath the Starglitter Exchange in order to use them.

 This is what we receive for our wishes by giving us Masterless Stardust and Starglitte.


  •  5 Star Weapon: 10 Masterless Starglitte
  • 4 Star Weapon: 2 Masterless Stardust
  • 3 Star Weapon - 15 Masterless Starglitte.
  • 5 Star Duplicate Character - 10 Masterless Starglitte, 1 Fortune Star for them
  • Duplicate a 5-star character 25 Starlight without master
  • Duplicate 4 Star Character - 2 Masterless Starglitter, 1 Fortune Star for them
  • Duplicate a 4 star character - 5 Starglittewithout master.


 In our task of knowing How to get more Masterless Stardust and Starglitte without a master it is necessary to take a regular look at the offers that are presented to us, since these tend to rotate every month, which could end up being favorable for us and with it Get more items, plus you have the option to get a good deal with the constellations.

 This is everything you need to know about How to get more Masterless Stardust and Starglitte, as they are simply two interesting coins that we can use in Genshin Impact.

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