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Angel Marquez
2021-01-05 14:07:48

With our Spotify guide you will learn about how to fix not playing songs.

What to know about Spotify?

It is one of the most outstanding services that we have to transmit music, it is good to take into account the ability to play whenever we want no matter where we are, but at this moment situations arise in the service that prevent proper use for those of us in PC and mobile devices, when wanting to enter a music nothing happens, considering that this is presented, an information error is not emitted of what is happening, so the reason for this failure is unknown, we do not know if it is something In relation to the servers or the application, then it is ideal that we know how to fix that songs are not played and the following details will guide us.

How to fix not playing songs in Spotify?

Before considering the solutions, we must carry out the proper checks that may be causing the problem, one of the options is in the music bar, the volume or that we are up to date with the desktop or mobile application of this service, a restart device and checking the internet, are some things that, however simple, sometimes become an important factor in terms of how to fix that songs are not played, taking into account the previous details, let's move on to the possible solutions.

  • Restarting the application: it is necessary that regardless of the device where we have the application that we restart it, this can end with errors in the network or the system cache, which can make the service work correctly, just enough a close and run it again.
  • Restarting the device: when we notice that having restarted the Spotify application is not enough, it is ideal to consider restarting our computer or mobile, thus allowing the system to go through a moment where it refreshes itself capable of allowing playback and handling. Correct application, this in terms of How to fix not playing songs, as simple as it may seem can help.
  • The internet connection: among so many obstacles that we may have for the use of Spotify, the internet is of vital importance, becoming the cause of avoiding the transmission of content, so we must check the connection on our PC, whether by cable or Wi-Fi looking for the temporary glitch and the answers to How to fix not playing songs.
  • The storage space: in our mobile it is appropriate that we do a verification of the space we have, this because the constant downloads of musical content to be able to listen to it offline occupies the space and prevents the Spotify songs from being played, so considering this aspect to search How to fix that songs are not played we have to delete the local files that are kept taking up space, for this we enter the application, we go to our account looking for the configuration menu, here we will go to the local files, where we have to deactivate the option that is showing them, then we have to do a restart of the device, and we can run the application again to see if the problem is resolved.
  • Re-synchronization: it is important that we are connected to the internet to be able to use the services of Spotify, synchronization is necessary for online streams that refers to the cloud, which allows the correct operation when synchronizing the application or the service as such.
  • Deactivate crossfading: this is an option that allows us to smoothly transmit songs avoiding loss of time during playback, but there are some occasions that for Spotify it is affected by this feature, so it is ideal that we deactivate it To see if between How to fix that songs are not played becomes the cause, for this we go to our account in the application and the configuration menu choosing to show the advanced configuration, then we go on to play, seeing that crossfading can be deactivated, and then we can see this is the correct solution.

  • The management of transmission quality: this is one of the options that can help us in how to fix that songs are not played, because they focus on this kind of errors, high quality can be a cause of this failure when depend a lot on the average speed of our internet, so we have to go to the Spotify application and log in, go to the settings to find the music quality, what we will do here is a quality option change from transmission to normal or automatic to be predetermined, keeping the configuration high passes through an internet with great stability and speed.
  • The audio driver: one of the main reasons for this failure becomes the audio driver, which prevents the playback of songs in Spotify, so to help us with how to fix that songs are not played we have to do an update of the audio driver, we will do this from the device manager, with the right mouse button we will go to the quick options' menu, entering the device manager where the audio inputs and outputs are located, here with the right mouse button we will be able to make the choice for the proper driver update, something that can be searched automatically, then we just have to wait for the download and installation automatically, finally we will do a restart to see if the error is not there.
  • Reinstalling the application: in some cases, the corrupted data is the center of the problem, which is why these are presented in different ways when executing the Spotify application, affecting performance, network connection and much more, then in relation to how to fix that songs are not played we can perform a reinstallation of this application, regardless of whether it is desktop or mobile, what we are going to do is first uninstall and do a necessary restart of the device, then we go to the official page to find the most current version of the application and install.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to fix not playing songs will be very useful and will allow you to return to the optimal functioning of this service, such as Spotify.

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