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Guide to learn how to salvage resources in Space Haven

Space Haven is an incredible game where the fantasy of space exploration is recreated. Still, many times the game doesn't make it clear how you're supposed to do one of the most crucial activities. Because of this, there are very likely to be questions asking how to raise resources on Space Haven, and because of this we decided to help.

How to salvage resources in Space Haven?

Recovery is a fairly simple process once you know what to do and how to do it.

The first and foremost thing you should do is find an abandoned barcode or other ship that you can save from. These will appear from time to time as you wander through the cosmos, and will appear as dark parts of the map until you have explored them.

After you get one, you have the option to add crew to your ship (something necessary for your adventure). This is done by clicking on the crew members to add them to the shuttle ship, clicking on the shuttle and, with the shuttle selected, clicking on the abandoned barcode.

You can explore the ships if you want but you should be aware that some of them carry enemies that you must defeat first to inspect them freely.

If you manage to defeat him and explore with the entire ship, you will have the option to recover his resources. This is done by clicking on a message on the right side of the screen, which will then open a Salvage submenu on the lower left side of the screen.
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    From this range of options, you can choose to start reviewing the elements of the ship or transfer them directly to your ship, and to whom of your crew you want to carry out this action.

    And ready! The processes are usually almost the same as this each time it is a new ship so at first it will seem tedious but later with practice you will see how to do it without realizing it.

      With this explanation of How to salvage resources in Space Haven your space adventure in the game will be much more incredible when you are able to master this art with skill. Play!

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