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This time we return with a guide to jobs and weapons, with the aim of telling you about SINoALICE in precise detail.

Jobs and weapons guide in SINoALICE

We must take into account the cases of some weapons of rank A, which have the ability to evolve on 2 occasions to SS weapons and that we have to preserve them, to know if this is possible, they have to have 2 pikes in the description of the object in the diamonds without a cap, with a cost of 10 higher, in the case of work for our character, we will find in the upper right corner the sample of the best weapon, this being the meaning that the fact of using said weapon we will have different buffs for our character, something worthwhile, the S and SS jobs we will have from the gacha, being different from the skills that increase our statistics, the jobs will give us a 50 increase in the statistics of our common skills, but in jobs S will be 75 and SS 100.


 In this jobs and weapons guide we have that while we increase the level of our work with the weapon, the power of that weapon will be increased, but the work skills will be applied to the specific character and in the same way it happens with work, considering this we have that the same weapon statistics will not be applied to the increase in the case of a different job, when using any other weapon we will only get penalties, we will be able to notice the main weapon and those that can be used for our character on the weapons page, when using a job in general we will have a 60 percent bonus for the area that corresponds to the character, 10 percent for the Iv2 advance card and 10 percent for the regional maps in SINoALICE.
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    We will not only have the general jobs, but we will also be able to unlock the half-nightmare jobs by doing the exchange of GranColo medals, allowing to get an additional boost to our main job, it is important to note that it will be reduced by 25por percent of the power of other kinds of arming, which would lead us to have to direct them with a variety of weapons for their types, these half-nightmare jobs are recommended in the right arena, which is increased by 65por percent power and 35 percent non-regional maps, the improvement of these statistics will be promoted in the middle-nightmare jobs, but specifically also receive bonuses for the elements and classes of weapons, which leads to the reduction of 75por a hundred of some other item instead of the other weapons, which means more flexibility for these jobs, however it cannot be used so easily.

    How do you unlock the jobs in SINoALICE?

    In the case of the characters, these have jobs that are predetermined at the time we get to unlock them, but there are others that are possible to obtain through weapons, one of them is gacha, which requires new classes to be unlocked which are not available in any other way, with the gacha rate of the JP server being the following

    • 77 percent a gun
    • 20 percent Weapon S
    • 3 percent SS weapon

     In this way we finish our jobs and weapons guide, thus having all the clear details of what this represents for SINoALICE, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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