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Our guide today on SINoALICE focuses on explaining how to unlock jobs, let's see.

What is SINoALICE?

This simply is a game where it is possible to relive stories from some tales such as snow white or pinocchio to name a few but a little darker than traditional, where it is possible to make use of some invocations, we have the possibility of having some weapons , to which it is necessary to equip, there are some loot and rare elements whose purpose is to increase our abilities as well as get some weapons.
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    How to unlock jobs in SINoALICE?

    The first thing we need to know here is that this can be done by getting a weapon, every time we have some it opens the possibility of obtaining So SR weapons and this simply offers the possibility of unlocking jobs for our characters, although there are a number of jobs blocked most likely that as we move forward we will have the opportunity to release them later, for example works such as Half-Nightmare or Dorothy`s Workship, being out of those that represent the 8 achieved in the beginning and that we can do in the main game.

    Normally the works in this game require to be leveled, since the idea is to reach at least level 10, and this we can do comfortably by buying some arcane objects, since each one specifically requires a certain level and we can buy them with medals of desire by means of a Exchange, these medals can be obtained from a gacha roll, although on some occasions we usually go the easy way and proceed to buy them with real money, which makes things much easier for us.

    What are the jobs at SINoALICE?

    •  To achieve physical damage from a single target, it is necessary to Break using the Sword.
    • To get allied Buff it is necessary to Juggle this is an instrument.
    • Mage Orb is required to get magic damage from multiple targets.
    • Crushing Hammer is required for physical damage to multiple targets.
    • In order to heal allies it is necessary to use the personal Cleric.
    • In order to deal magic damage to a single target it is necessary to use the Gunner bow.
    • To make enemy debuffs it is necessary to use the Sorcerer book.
    • To get magic damage from multiple targets we can use the Paladin antler weapon.


     This is simply everything you need to know about How to Unlock jobs, because it is simply not very complex but it is highly useful in SINoALICE.

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