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In the Pokemon Isle of Armor universe we have many tasks, one of them is How to get the mark charm and everything will be covered here.

The Pokemon Isle of Armor expansion arrived on June 17, where you can add many Pokémon, content and functions, among which we have as a possible exploration area the Galar region, where the island of armor brings many sub areas, for different Pokemon they are populated , now we need to know how to get the brand charm and later in this guide we will know why, we pay close attention to the following content.

What to know about the mark charm in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

There are variations in the climate according to the area of ​​the armor island, this occurs according to the date, being a determining factor in the appearances of the Pokémon and even the Marks are affected, they are very special titles in terms of the ability to spawning from Pokémon, finding one that has a brand becomes very complicated, what can help us in this is the charm of the brand, it is a special object that allows us to increase our possibilities, now to know how to obtain it we need to continue by reading the content.

How to get the mark charm in Pokemon Isle of Armor?

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At the beginning of this adventure we will have the mission of finding all the Pokémon that are on the island, it is about 210 in total, taking into account that there are 100 of them that we will not have available through the base game, among which for example this Miltank, this work is commissioned by a scientist at the station, so we must add the Pokemon to our Pokedex, we must carry out explorations of the entire island to find their secrets and more, but if we manage to attract all the Pokemon and we return with the scientist we will find ourselves receiving the charm of the brand for all this great work done, what allows this object is that all the Pokemon we have caught have the possibility of having brands.

These marks are a form of identification, we have previously seen on the Pokémon sword and shield for example, in the same way as the tapes, we will have on the screen a summary that presents us with a title at the time that said Pokemon is sent to Fight, but brands have a showdown of randomness when settling when a Pokémon is caught, without being added or changed, between 1 in 50 and 1 in 100 are the success options for a Pokémon to have the brand, now with the charm of the brand the possibilities of 3 in 50 or 3 in 100 are increased, it should be borne in mind that most of these brands are random but in some conditions exist, an example of this is the capture of a Pokemon made after cooking the curry at camp, resulting in always having the curry mark, there are factors like the weather, of 1 for every 50 that we catch in the mist in the mark.

Knowing how to
get the mark charm is interesting, since it allows us to develop and have more fun in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

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