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Manufacturing is one of the most interesting tasks we can do and that is why we will tell you how to build curved walls in Sims 4

Why build curved walls in Sims 4?

 To give a different touch to the creations we make, so it is necessary to know how to build curved walls in Sims 4, this considering that in this game there is the possibility of creating houses and buildings, it is possible to make our dream house, in previous installments these always had the same rules, rigid and with structures similar to buildings, now we have a change and they are the curved walls that come to give it a little creativity and also are not usually very complicated.

How to build curved walls in Sims 4?

 This is a task that is usually done just by going to the Walls section of the construction catalog, to access this section it is necessary to click on the lower part of the front wall of the house, at the bottom on the left side, this is usually next to the main door and the porch, it is vital to be clear that the walls are usually pre-established, that is, they come with two different varieties, such is the case of:
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  • One type of walls are traditional recipes of different lengths with some curved corners.
  • Another type of walls usually creates a room that comes prefabricated from a quarter of a circle, two walls that are usually straight that meet with a curve in its entirety.


 It is good to know that if the four designs in a circle are usually placed side by side in a square with each of the curved walls that may be facing out, it is possible to remove the interior walls and go on to create a room that can be truly circular and it can expand up a few floors, that is to say to the point of creating a tower.

 It should be noted that curved walls usually come with segmented pieces of different shapes, four or more can be aligned and in this way form a personalized wall with a constant curve, in addition the pieces are usually included in the Walls section of the construction catalog, sometimes The shape and structure of this type of walls can be a bit difficult to install, especially in the case of windows or doors, most of them are incompatible, but one or the other can work for us, it is just a matter of checking.

 In this sense, knowing how to build curved walls in Sims 4 offers us the opportunity to embark on a new creation process.

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