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2022-02-08 07:58:31

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Today we bring you a Sifu guide where we will tell you how to repeat the levels.

What does repeating level involve in Sifu?

This is one of the actions that can be executed in this game that is just a few hours away from being released, so knowing how to repeat the levels leads us to embark on the opportunity to go through these levels more than once.

It is necessary to take into account that Sifu has:

  • The amount of 5 levels.
  • As we fight in this game, we go into hiding places.
  • It is necessary to take into account that the levels in this game are usually linear with hidden paths or collectible objects.

How to replay levels in Sifu?

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This is a task that usually occurs when we look through the Wuguan window, this is usually located next to the detective board where we must interact to access the level selection screen.

On the screen we are allowed to see the completed levels, choose those that we consider favorable to repeat.

Also, it is good to note that on the board we are allowed to visualize our detective progress for each level.

On the board, it is also possible to see the keys that we have obtained in each area that we have traveled.

When repeating the level our age usually changes, this simply means that repeating a level makes our age lower, that is, with the lowest age with which we started.

It should be noted that playing the levels again will cause our character's structure to restart, this counts for improvements, and the skills that we have managed to acquire, these usually change according to the structure that we had at the first attempt to overcome the level.

This is all we know so far about How to repeat the levels, so that we can play the levels as many times as we want in Sifu, only this usually has a particular variation in relation to the possibility of doing it with the skills acquired in a first attempt.

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