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Lidia Rozo
2021-04-19 18:38:06

More about: Sea of Thieves

We are going to talk to you about Sea of Thieves, and therefore we will tell you where to find the pirate emporium.

Where to find the pirate emporium?

This is an interesting store where we are allowed to buy cosmetics, pets and exclusive objects, in such a way that knowing where to find the pirate emporium leads us to get a good amount of "Premium Ancient Coins" currency, since it is vital to understand that this place forms part of the second season of the game and where it is necessary to gain renown for our adventures.

Where to find the pirate emporium in Sea of Thieves?

There are 2 ways to do this search, and they are:

Connect to the game:
this is an option that can be applied, in such a way that when accessing the menu we must choose to "Choose your experience", this allows us to access to play in the "Adventure or Arena mode", it also shows us a box For the pirate emporium, we just have to take care of clicking there and this will take us to the main page of the store, where we will spend some coins on purchases.
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When loading the Adventure Mode: This is the other option available and we can get with vendors from the pirate emporium, this usually occurs in practically all outposts, since it is only necessary to talk to them in order that the emporium's showcase can appear and from there choose to make purchases of the objects.

You need to take into account some interesting details about the game:

  • Sea of Thieves has a total of 7 outpost points.
  • Each Outpost features a Pirate Emporium Shop and Vendor.
  • You only need to search a few things to locate the Outpost Shop.
  • The emporium flag is dark blue and can be obtained with any number of coins.
  • The pirate emporium stores can be found above the “Order of Souls stores, to access them it is necessary to do so through the ladder and locate the purple flag.
  • The store clerk's name usually begins with the letter "E," which makes it a somewhat less complex search.
  • Getting Ellis inside the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern can be beneficial for Arena players.

In general terms, knowing where to find the pirate emporium leads us to search Sea of Thieves and access various purchases.

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