Edelmira Leon
2021-03-25 07:53:26

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If you want to know how to beat the Hoover in It Takes Two, we put together this article covering it all for you.

Who is the Hoover in It Takes Two:?

He is the first boss you will face in the game and despite being the first, probably as many want to know how to beat him so as not to make mistakes so soon.

How to beat the Hoover in It Takes Two?

Almost all of this boss's attacks are slow and telegraphed, so you'll be able to jump or dodge, as long as you're not asleep. Although you can also learn his patterns to know how to respond and evade his attacks.
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Its two main ones are a combo of hits on the ground that you will have to jump before it reaches you, and an area of effect attack with mines, which you can avoid in a space where there are no mines.

When this boss fires the explosive cylinders, you can control two vacuum cleaners by pressing the Triangle button on PlayStation or Y on Xbox.

Whoever controls the upper level will only have to point their hose at the boss, while the lower level will have to vacuum the cylinders. Don't let your guard down and shoot until you deplete your health and win the battle.

We hope that now that you know how to beat the Hoover in It Takes Two, you can kill this enemy quickly, remember that about this game we already have a lot of content that will be useful when the game is released in a few hours.