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Guide on how to become general in the BitLife video game

If what you want is to join the army it can be an incredible option in the game of BitLife, this is what the real risks in real life suppose.

Most countries have an army that you can join, and they have two ways to get a good life in the military nation, but only one of them can lead to the rank of General. If you have just enlisted in an army branch, the highest rank you can achieve is E9.

The incredible thing is that you can have several options in the same pro game if you want to transfer it to another area or simply withdraw.

But if your dream (in the clear game) is to become a general, then we will teach you.

How to become a general BitLife?

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    Well, how most cases in real life should start by going to college and earning a four-year degree. A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement to request officer training. After that, apply to become an officer in your preferred military branch, and then prepare to get the job done.

    Of course, you will have to make an effort in your work and in the daily tasks to be able to excel. We must also accept each implementation that is presented, since rejecting it can negatively affect your chances of promotion. These become a kind of mini-games where you must be very careful because it can affect in several ways.

    Mini-games are similar to Minesweeper, and they could be very careful not to step on mines. The good news is that they are unlikely to kill you, but they will hurt you and this affects both your health and happiness statistics.

    But if you manage to overcome these ten mini-games, you will surely improve your profession by obtaining recognitions.

    BitLife has many fun references to real life, as is the case of knowing how to become a general can involve a lot of luck, but this is also a surprise BitLife game style.

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