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If you want to know how to correct stuttering and lags in Scavengers, the following article has it all for you.

What is the Lag problem in Scavengers?

It is not an isolated problem, it really is one of the most common problems in video games, basically they are composed of lag, stuttering and freezing problems, which causes discomfort when trying to play. Fortunately with this article we will tell you how to correct stuttering and Lags in Scavengers.
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    How to fix stuttering and lags in Scavengers?

    The first thing you should keep in mind is that the game is currently in early access, so it is not strange to see errors like this and others, since the mission of early access is to make errors appear, so that once the game is released in full, they are corrected.

    To correct this problem, the first thing we recommend you do is start the game in a clean boot environment, since the softwares that run in the background can cause several problems, among them, the limitation of resources to the game.

    Another option is to reduce the graphic settings, little by little, if you get improvements as you go down, look for a point of stability, in which the graphics are acceptable and the performance of the game as well.

    Running the game in windowed mode can prevent stuttering and lag issues, so if you're running the game in full screen, you can try and do it in windowed mode.

    Certain game settings can also help the game perform more efficiently, so stay tuned and try the following settings.


    • Window mode: full screen or window
    • Resolution: native or 1920 × 1080
    • Resolution scale: disabled
    • Custom resolution scale: 100 percent
    • VSync: disabled
    • DLSS - Off


    • Preset quality: custom
    • Viewing distance: low
    • Anti-Aliasing - Low
    • Post-processing: low
    • Shadows - Low
    • Textures - High
    • Effects - Low
    • Foliage - Low


    • DirectX version: 11

     We hope that now that you have reached the end of this article on how to fix stuttering and Lags in Scavengers, you will be able to correct the game performance problem and be able to play in the best possible way with our tips.

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