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Today we bring you a Scavengers guide where we are going to explain how to track and engage other players.

What is the point of tracking and involving other players in Scavengers?

  This game allows us to have the possibility of making use of stealth, in addition to knowledge of the map, this just to achieve some necessary objectives in Scavengers such as hunting enemies, in this sense, knowing how to track and engage other players. offers the possibility of joining an information warfare system.

How to track and engage other players in Scavengers?

It is necessary to practice some activities and these involve:

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It is necessary to be stealthy and avoid causing greater noise, this will cause us to be marked as a red dot on the minimap, so that firing our weapon in an open field is simply not an option, which means that knowing how to track and involve others players makes us count on the possibility of silence.

Making use of a sniper weapon can make noise and therefore generate red dots, in this sense, it would be possible for the AI ​​enemies to be attentive, however, they do not necessarily arrive at the place, they follow the same rules as us, of So not a red dot is not a guarantee of the enemy's presence.

Our best bet is melee weapons, they allow you to attack stealthily, because they do not usually cause any type of noise.

Knowing how to track and involve other players is a necessary task, there is also the possibility of producing a pulse that can be marked in red on the minimap in Scavengers, this usually occurs briefly which makes it necessary to take care of going unnoticed. as necessary.

It is necessary to consider sacrificing our mobility, this in order not to appear on the enemy's radar, if we manage to stay still there is the possibility of not being detected, specifically skills such as stealth and silence usually come to life here, this because we find ourselves incidentally doing the work of scouts.

Making use of exploration skills is a crucial task, this allows us to have the opportunity to avoid exposing our location, there is the option that this can offer effects of bright particles, it is only necessary to avoid making noise, so that if our thinking is using cars, it will simply be a wrong idea because it will only bring us inconvenience.

It is necessary to check the map, this because there is the possibility of getting us with our squad, the detail is that there is no possibility of seeing or hearing them, it is also necessary to be aware that the objective marker may disappear, which makes it necessary to wait for be attacked and in this way get to interact with the target.

There is the possibility of facing other players in Scavengers, so that we are allowed to see some number of enemies, in this sense, it is necessary to have the option to follow them until they can meet another squad and pounce on them to get that they can act as third parties, this to take advantage of the situation and manage to confront them before being detected, so that knowing how to track and involve other players, makes us have to be properly prepared with a weapon, even when you are can reduce our speed of movement, there is the possibility of giving them a respective use, especially considering that our dam can pass within an enclosure, especially since the buildings or settlements that are usually here have mostly only one entrance, at most two entrances which makes things even more complicated, just follow the icon of the small door in order to find the main entry in Scavengers.

It should be noted that the enemies usually shine the color of their shield, it is also necessary to take into account that the green or blue shields can be displayed at the end of the game, only at this point it is necessary to have bought a formidable weapon which allows fighting with less complexity and in this way to be able to demolish them, this so that they can be at a disadvantage in relation to the squadmates.

 This is everything you need to know about how to track and engage other players, allowing us to hunt down enemies in Scavengers.

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