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Searches continue on Genshin Impact and this allows us to point you where to find fractured fruit Shards.

What are Genshin Impact fractured fruit Shards?

These are simply part of the new content that has been incorporated into this game, they are a type of interesting resource that cannot be overlooked, in this sense, knowing where to find fractured fruit fragments embarks us on a search through of a mission.
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    Where to find fractured fruit Shards in Genshin Impact?

    To achieve them it is necessary to embark on a task and this implies:

    Finding the mission: this is the first activity we carry out, as we must find Yingzhu, this is nothing more than an adventurer who has been in charge of studying the "Irminsul Fruit", this leads us to go to the Stone Gate south of Wuwang. On the other hand, it is necessary to make it clear that we must search for the fragments because it is the fruit that has exploded in three parts, which makes it necessary to put them together, and this makes us be part of a search called “Mr. Melancholy ”, in this sense, before starting the search we must bear in mind that there are mutation stones close enough to where fragments are usually found and this makes the enemies quite difficult to kill.

    Once we have achieved the mission we embark on this quest that occurs in this way:

    • Fragment 1: this is usually found on high ground, this makes us locate a higher space and go there, specifically it is between the Springvale area and the Dawn winery, when locating it it is necessary to consider that we must fight, because there will be some enemies that will be guarding the fragment.
    • Fragment 2: we continue the search and this leads us to mobilize in order to get hold of the second fragment, only that this is usually guarded by some considerable amount of high-level Hilichurls, in addition to some complex brothers, this is usually located north of the Bodega del Amanecer, in this sense, it is necessary to carry out a strong fight, because we must take care of destroying the red stones of mutation that make the enemies powerful, for this it will only be enough to make use of some two-handed weapons, it may well be be favorable to us a Claymore. "
    • Fragment 3: this is usually located somewhat south of the fast travel point, this makes us head in its search towards the south of Springvale, specifically it is necessary to find a large Hilichurl camp, we must also locate a mutation stone that is inside the big buildings and destroy it because it gives strength to the enemies.

     Once we get the three fragments, the mission comes to an end, and this allows us to return to Yingzhu again, to give them to her and that she can give us in exchange:


    •  3 hero wits.
    • 6 mystical mineral.
    • 30,000 arrears.


    This is all we can contribute about where to find fractured fruit Shards, so it is only necessary to do an interesting search in Genshin Impact and that's it.

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