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Today we will talk about how to get stone in Rust in an accurate and pleasant way.

What is the stone in Rust for?

It is a resource that is used to make weapons and other objects in the game, so knowing how to obtain it will be of great value, since they will help you obtain weapons such as grenades and picaxe
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    How to get stone in Rust?

    First, you should know that in your first time in the game you will not be able to extract stones, but you have a picaxe

    To obtain stones you will have to go to the stone nodes that you will find in various parts of the game, with white circular pebble shapes.

    Another way would be to cultivate them for this you will have to reach the technological dawn, to be able to reach the Mining Quarry so that you can create your own structures in the game, just make sure you are close to other players to have more protection

      We hope we have been able to help you how to get stone in Rust, and you can obtain stones whenever you need it.

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