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The action does not stop at Rust, so today we are going to explain where to find all  resources.

What to know about the resources in Rust?

It is about what is necessary to build, manufacture and even the purchase of the essential, the best we can do to seek advantage is to know where to find all resources and with the help of this explanatory guide we will see the details below.

Where to find all resources in Rust?

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    Wood: it is one of the most important things to consider where to find all resources, only that it will be everywhere which will make it easy for us to accumulate all that we can, it is important from the beginning in Rust for construction, among the so many things are the hammer, the building plan, stone ax, hunting bow, camp fire, tool cabinet, door key and lock.

    The stone: another of those that is vital in our development, it is of great solidity for structural construction, but with this it is also possible to extract the nodes of stones that are seen throughout the map, they are solitary rocks that shine when we get closer, the extraction occurs with a rock, only it is ideal to use a stone pick, among the many tools that we can make in Rust with this resource we have the stone pick, stone ax, arrows, handmade shells, ovens, barricades and stone spear.

    Hemp: in relation to where to find all resources we have one of great importance to be able to protect ourselves from radiation, because we can make the burlap set, 8 percent protect us from radiation and 24 percent from cold, we can also add which is important for other items like the sleeping bag, syringe, hunting bow, low grade fuel, backpack charge, boot bag, water purifier, torch and study charge.

    Scrap metal
    : with the help of this resource we can manufacture many things, considering that it turns out to be a currency precisely, we can buy weapons, armor and other objects, it is also possible with this the investigation of the articles for manufacture, including the research table It will be built with scrap metal in Rust, with the workbenches that are built with this we can choose to get higher objects in levels, everywhere on the island it is found, among the things we can achieve with this resource we have the table of research, workbenches, nail gun, metal spring, empty propane tank, metal blade, gears, metal tube, armored door, weapons, armor, shotgun trap and wind turbine.

    Metal fragment
    s: many objects can be manufactured through this resource, there are many options that will allow us to obtain it, among which we have the metallic mineral that can be extracted from the stone nodes, which when melting it produces these fragments of metal, even through the rocks that are on the ground we can find them, to where to find all resources this allows us to access armor and weapons, research table, workbench, sheet metal, hatch, code lock , mining quarry, small oil refinery and water purifier.

    Low-grade fuel: with the help of this resource in Rust we will be able to feed the generators that allow us to create electricity, which is useful for traps, computers, code locks and other things that depend on electricity, this It is made with animal fat and cloth, in turn through this we access the oven, flashlight, large first-aid kit, torch, syringe, small oil refinery, incendiary rounds and reconnaissance charge.

    High quality metal: with the pick we can access this high quality metal, but it takes a long time to accumulate enough that is required in crafts, so we opted for greater effectiveness in using a mining quarry and a load backpack that will allow us to loot nodes, this resource is required to get high-level weapons and armor, weapon accessories, armored doors, CCTV cameras, vending machines and turrets.

    Food: as for where to find all resources we have that food in particular is one that complicates things for us from the beginning, it is necessary to bear in mind that berries and other consumable plants will be on the banks of rivers throughout the map, through the looting of monuments there are also chocolate and granola bars, hunting animals and cooking meat is another way to obtain food.

    In this way we finalize our Rust guide, now you know where to find all resources, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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