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Roller Champions has arrived to entertain us a little more and that is why today we will tell you how to go faster.

Why go faster in Roller Champions?

This is a task that we will be able to execute well because this game lends itself to it, it is a sports game where agility and dexterity are usually put to the test, so that it is necessary to know how to go faster because once we master the mechanics of the game this usually becomes easier and we can become the best player.

How to go faster in Roller Champions?

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    The first thing we must get involved in is gaining speed, in this case we must be able to manipulate the walls of the half-pipe of the sands, we must skate and pump, even when this may imply making ourselves small and letting gravity do its job to be able to ignore the slopes, so it is necessary to be attentive to the bomb position until there is a kind of leveling, we must take care of timing our bombs to gain more speed regardless of something else that the other players may be doing.

    Note: Pumping is not an option when moving up.4

     With our teammates or players from the opposing team it is possible to sit in someone's wake and skate behind, this allows us to get more speed, our skates will shine a little more and the lines tend to look more pronounced as we progress to maximum incline .

     Drafting is another option to gain speed and it is precisely the reason why skating together as a team is more feasible, there is no need to knock down walls here.

     Grabbing a teammate in front of us is another option that we can implement to reach the objective, by letting go we manage to propel ourselves forward and therefore gain ground quickly.

     This is all we know about How to Go Faster, so you can apply any of these mechanics in Roller Champions.

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