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The action in Roller Champions does not stop, which will lead us to explain how to check the status of the server.

What to know about the server status in Roller Champions?

After the launch of the game there have been problems with the server, it seems that this occurs due to the large influx that allows the server to collapse, based on official information that this is what has caused the interruption of the same, then it will be necessary that we check the status of the server and to know how to do it, we closely follow the following instructions.

How to check server status in Roller Champions?

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    Carrying out this check allows us to be aware of how the server is working, as long as it is correct we can connect online, but if there is any deficiency it is possible to have connectivity problems, blockages and even stop working, in the case of this situation With the game, those from Ubisoft are aware of what is happening, so they placed a page for us to track the server that corresponds to each platform, said place is kept practically updated in real time.

    The servers have been affected by 4 issues, matchmaking, store, and authentication, while connectivity is degraded, we need to keep checking the site or search the official sources to be updated regarding the server and what happens to it.

     In conclusion, knowing how to check the server status is interesting because it allows us to be aware of what is happening with the problems that occur in Roller Champions.

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