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7 Days to Die has more items for us, let's see how to get a pipe Baton.

What is the pipe Baton in 7 Days to Die?

  This is nothing more than an artifact that it offers us, a considerable damage modifier that is usually used to help suffocate the hordes of undead, so it is necessary to know how to get a pipe Baton, especially considering that this it is a resource that is usually used quite early and that we must make one with some resources that may drop as we progress, considering that we must draw a line between our safety and the undead.

How to get a pipe Baton in 7 Days to Die ie?

  We can take care of manufacturing it and for this we must have:
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    • 4 Short Iron Pipes – These typically have a wide range spawn rate in-game.
    • 2 Glues: to achieve this we must move to some garages and workshop regions.
    • 3 Hides: these are usually obtained from the animals that make life in this game, we can get it from a deer or a pig, this makes it necessary to take care of eliminating the creature with a bow and arrows because these animals are usually hostile.


     Once we have these resources and after about 7 seconds we will have the cane ready to use, we will be able to make a standard attack with one hand with medium damage, it is also possible to execute a powerful attack with two hands and this one in particular usually knocks down enemies For the most part, however, we must be careful because this type of attack usually leaves us open to possible counterattacks, we must also take into account that this staff should be replaced by the Iron Fireaxe because it usually gives us melee damage, in addition to offering us the opportunity to collect larger objects.

     This is everything we know about how to get a pipe Baton, we just have to take care of getting it and using it in an early game in 7 Dys to Die.

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