Lidia Rozo
2022-09-21 09:00:28

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There are often problems that can bother you and therefore we will explain how to fix Rockstar cloud servers are Unavailable.

What does it mean Rockstar cloud servers are not available?

 Having another somewhat complex problem that we come across is that this error is usually occurring specifically with GTA T5, here it is practically impossible to access the game's multiplayer to the point that there is the possibility of losing the progress and the money invested in the game to solve this error, so it is necessary to know how to fix Rockstar cloud servers are not available, it should be noted that this is a game that has been extremely successful and has had a considerable amount worldwide, but it is not without errors, to our good fortune there are some fixes that can be applied and we are going to talk about them here.

How to fix Rockstar cloud servers Unavailable?

 To solve this problem we can apply:
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Screen calibration: this fix is ​​not usually related to the server, however, it is necessary to run it because the problem can come from our side, so knowing How to fix Rockstar cloud servers are not available makes it necessary:

  •  Start GTA 5 on our system and being on the console while the game is usually loaded press and hold L1 R1 on PS and Xbox, seeing that the calibration has been successful we rule out that this problem comes from our side, we just have to restart and that's it .


Reset Winsock: this is another of the actions to perform to know how to fix Rockstar cloud servers are not available and it is that through this method we get that the default configuration of our Winsock catalog can be reset, in this case we must:


  •  Open the command prompt and type the same as we type in the search bar of our PC or right-click on the Windows type logo to select Command Prompt.
  • Next, we are shown a window where we will write “netsh winsock reset catalog” and proceed to press Enter.
  • The system asks to restart the PC but we should not do it, we will only write “netsh winhttp reset proxy” and press Enter once more.
  • Then, we restart the PC to complete this process and thereby correct the error.


 Disconnect antivirus and VPN: we continue on the list of solutions to know How to fix Rockstar cloud servers are not available and it is that on many occasions the antivirus software usually shows us the games as possible threats and ends up blocking them, this makes it necessary to disconnect In order to access the game, something similar happens in the case of VPN services because it prevents us from accessing the game's cloud servers and in this case it is better to disconnect it.


 Change DNS settings: This is another viable option to know How to fix Rockstar cloud servers are not available and some online games require changing Google's DNSA, this prevents errors and related problems from occurring. the connection, for this we must:


  •  Open the control panel of our system and click on the Network and Internet option and then click on the Network and Sharing Center option where we will select the Change adapter settings option.
  • Then, we proceed to look for the Network Interface option and we will right-click on it to select Properties.
  • Next, we click on the Internet Protocol version and select Properties by doing so we manage to enter and in the menu boxes and then click on the Advance button.
  • We proceed to click on the DNS tab where we select Add and select the DNS server to add it to our system.


 This is everything you need to know about How to fix Rockstar cloud servers are Unavailable, just apply these methods and you are good to go.