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The fun in Rocket League does not stop and that is why we are going to explain how to get neon underglow

What to know about the neon glow in Rocket League?

The possibility of having a number of mods in this game makes it more attractive than it can already be, this gives a specific touch to the car, which represents a novel feature with which we are presented with the opportunity to play, especially when we are in the middle of an online game.

How to get neon underglow in Rocket League?

Here you need to perform some installation steps that are given in this way:
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    • We successfully install BakkesMod on the PC and open it.
    • Then we must go to the Plugin page specifically in the official BakkesaMod portal to download the AlphaConsole plugin.
    • We must open the downloaded plugin and wait for our console window to complete.
    • As soon as we are told "the plugin will be installed the next time you start the game", we proceed to close the window and that's it.


     The installation process is not really difficult as long as we follow the simple instructions that we comment on here and for this it will only suffice with:


    •  Start the game.
    • Then we must press F2 to open the BakkesMod menu.
    • Next we select the Plugin tab that is located on the right side of the menu.
    • We click on Toggle AlphaConsole.
    • We select "Cosmetics".
    • Then we go down until we reach "Underlow". (If this is the first time we do it, accessing this function makes us restart the console).
    • We can customize our underlow as we want and select "Garage" to review the car.

     It is worth being clear that players will be able to see the improvements of our car on the screen but not see the area where it is hosted.

     With this we put an end to this little guide of Rocket League, we hope you can apply the changes that seem necessary now that you know how to
    get neon underglow.

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