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2021-01-14 07:39:24

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GTA Online has come up with more tasks for us and that is why we made this guide in order to tell you How to play Motor Wars

What is Motor Wars in GTA Online?

  This car game has managed to keep us attentive, as there are tasks we worry about doing them, and Motor Wars is just one of the mods with which it is possible to play, for this we must be clear that it is necessary to navigate a bit to master it, this is a task in which we want to give you the necessary explanation so that it is very easy to achieve, especially because obtaining extra money is part of nature.
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How to play Motor Wars in GTA Online?

This is a task was launched a few years ago, in 2017, but as time goes by it has updates and today we are in one of them, so there is not much we should worry about, other than applying it and getting it out. better than this can have, for this it is good to take into account some details, and they are:


  •  We must open the pause menu in an online session of the game.
  • Go to the Online tab to choose "Jobs"
  • Then you need to order Rockstar Created in addition to the adverse modes.
  • We must scroll down where the available missions are located to get one that is called Motor Wars.
  • We must have two to four teams with the amount of four to seven players.
  • Dying is not an option because if we do so we disappear and it will be the team that is standing who wins.
  • As the round progresses the battlefield shrinks a bit, which makes us be vigilant because it sounds like a warning.
  • When everything near the battlefield has expired it is possible to die by sudden death except for everything that is within the battle zone that will be the winner.


Now that you know how to play Motor Wars, it's time to try it and have as much fun as possible as a team in GTA Online.

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