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Make yourself comfortable so you can learn how to make chemicalfuel in RimWorld in the best possible way, so stay tuned.

What is chemical fuel in RimWorld?

It is a very valuable resource that you will be able to obtain in the game and that will be useful for you to be able to run the machines and equipment that require it.

How to make Chemfuel in RimWorld?

Chemfuel is a handmade and renewable fuel source, so you will be able to make it yourself. To do so, you will have to burn wood of organic matter in a biofuel refinery. For 70 Wood burned, you will get 35 Chemfuel.
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    But the best way to obtain Chemfuel is to tame Boomalopes or have an Infinite Chemreactor.

    Boomalopes are herbivores with a high starvation rate and can be found in temperate forests, temperate swamps, rainforests, tropical rainforests, tropical swamps, arid scrublands and deserts. A correct configuration will allow you to get 11 Chemfuel per day from one Boomalope.

    Infinite Chemreactor is another way to get Chemfuel, but you will have to feed it with 300 W of energy and it is a quest reward that is not as easy to find as the Boomalope.

    Now that you know how to make Chemfuel in RimWorld, we hope you can quickly come up with this resource in the way that is most comfortable for you.

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