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 Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King introduces players to a unique location called the Direlict Lighthouse. This lighthouse serves as a hub for various activities and quests in the DLC, making it an essential place to visit.

 The Direlict Lighthouse is home to two special items: the Sparkfire Shotgun and the Lighthouse Ring. These items provide significant advantages and are highly sought after by players.

 If you're having trouble finding the lighthouse in Remnant 2, don't worry! This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you locate the lighthouse and obtain the Sparkfire Shotgun and Lighthouse Ring.

How to Fix Remnant 2 Can't Find Lighthouse

 Rerolling the Nightweaver Story to Spawn the Lighthouse

Rerolling the nightweaver story is necessary to spawn the Direlict Lighthouse in Remnant 2. This is because the lighthouse is not available in the default version of the game.

To reroll the nightweaver story, follow these steps:

  • 1. First, make sure you have completed the main story of Remnant 2 and have access to the DLC content.
  • 2. Next, navigate to the main menu of the game and select "Options."
  • 3. In the options menu, find the "Gameplay" tab and select it.
  • 4. Look for the "Nightweaver" option and toggle it off.
  • 5. Once the Nightweaver option is disabled, start a new game or load a saved game. The Direlict Lighthouse will now be available in the game world.

Obtaining the Sparkfire Shotgun

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 To obtain the Sparkfire Shotgun, you will need a key to enter the room where it is located.

 It's important to note that the key is not consumed when used for the first time, so you can use it multiple times to access the room.

 Follow these step-by-step instructions to obtain and use the key to collect the Sparkfire Shotgun:

  • 1. Start by heading towards the Direlict Lighthouse. You can find it on the outskirts of the main game map, near the shoreline.
  • 2. Once you reach the lighthouse, enter the building and make your way to the ground floor.
  • 3. Look for a locked door with a keyhole. Use the key you obtained earlier to unlock the door.
  • 4. Inside the room, you will find the Sparkfire Shotgun. Interact with it to add it to your inventory.

 Obtaining the Lighthouse Ring

 To obtain the Lighthouse Ring, you will need to open a second door using the same key you obtained earlier. However, this time, the key will be consumed.

The Lighthouse Ring provides various bonuses and is a valuable item to have in your arsenal.

 Follow these step-by-step instructions to open and enter through the second door to obtain the Lighthouse Ring:

  • 1. After collecting the Sparkfire Shotgun, make your way to the upper levels of the lighthouse.
  • 2. Look for another locked door that requires the same key to unlock it. Use the key and enter the room.
  • 3. Inside the room, you will find the Lighthouse Ring. Interact with it to add it to your inventory.

 It's important to note that accessing and obtaining items from the Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King, including the Direlict Lighthouse, Sparkfire Shotgun, and Lighthouse Ring, requires ownership of the DLC.  By following the outlined steps in this guide, you should be able to successfully find the Direlict Lighthouse, obtain the Sparkfire Shotgun, and acquire the Lighthouse Ring. If you encounter any difficulties or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for support. Enjoy your adventure in Remnant 2 DLC The Awakened King!

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