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2020-09-10 08:10:56

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Knowing how to download the New Era 1.0 update is an interesting task that we can do in PUBG Mobile and here we tell you how to achieve it.

What does New Era update 1.0 represent in PUBG Mobile?

  This is the most interesting expansion that we can get from the game outside the beta, since each update is presented to us in a particular branch, because even when it is somewhat confusing this allows us to get closer to the map that was released some time ago, although it is certain Erangel has achieved some favorable changes, it is possible that this can take a complete turn, which focuses us on wanting to know How to download the New Era 1.0 update.
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How to download New Era 1.0 update in PUBG Mobile?

 This is a game that has had other smaller updates, and we could consider that this is the same as it when installing because it would only be necessary to take the files, apply them and start, but it is not like that, this is something more complex, this is not as simple as Erangel 2.0, it is no longer just joining a party at PUBG Mobile.

 Knowing how to download the New Era 1.0 update is simply difficult, because on the one hand it is necessary that these can be approved by the large platforms such as Google and Apple, because users can access their stores and if they have not Accepted simply will not help, it is good to consider that for Android users it is important to go to the Google store, while iPhone users will have to do it manually in Apple.

 There is the option for Samsung users, as they can access the Galaxy App Store, others only need to go to the Google Play store, in any case whatever the way, because knowing how to download the New Era 1.0 update simply It makes us have to move around a bit, as there are some users who are not as lucky as Huawei, however, it is possible to get a file that can be installed to continue playing PUBG Mobile.

 Knowing how to download New Era update 1.0 makes us have to reinvent ourselves in order to play, since practically all online games require updating, as there are some servers that may be undergoing maintenance and this can cause the game to crash, but thanks This does not happen with the updates, we show this with PUBG Mobile, also it does not matter exactly where we are because it will be available to allow Earangel 2.0 to be installed and work perfectly.

 One of the things we get by knowing how to download New Era update 1.0 are the rewards, because this game has been talking about a formidable update for some time now and the developers consider that it is necessary to have some kind of extra incentive in PUBG Mobile , and this occurs precisely in these days, because we have until September 13 to install it since with this we get:


 1 Red Racing Knight backpack.

2,000 BP.

100 AG.

 In this sense, knowing how to download the New Era 1.0 update is simply important, since there is hardly any player who does not consider executing it, since PUBG Mobile is really a game that is lively and attractive enough in every sense of the word.

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