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Failures can occur on all platforms and for this reason we will explain How To Fix PS5 USB ports not working .

Why doesn't the PS5 recognize the USB?

 This is a rather unusual action, this is because the PS5 is not really compatible with a USB drive, however, on some occasions this does not usually occur in this way, for this reason it is necessary to know how to fix PS5 Does Not Recognize USB Error, we will see that we are shown a message that tells us directly "The file system of this USB drive is not supported", this can be quite a complicated issue because we normally use a USB drive to do tasks such as :


  •  Transfer data.
  • Extended storage.
  • Download screenshots.
  • Software updates.


How To Fix PS5 USB ports not working ?

It is not necessary to have much knowledge to be able to solve this problem, in addition, we must bear in mind that when this error appears it does not usually mean that something may be broken, sometimes this lack of recognition is usually due to some simple inconveniences, such is the case from the mismatch between the file formats on the console and the USB drive.

 Knowing How To Fix PS5 USB ports not working , it is necessary to consider that in order to match the console with the USB drive, the latter must be formatted in exFAT or FAT32, however, the most recommended is exFAT, in order to format the drive we must:

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  • Connect the USB drive to our PC and open the file explorer.
  • Then, we will look for the USB drive to right click on it and proceed to select Format.
  • In the File system we must take care of selecting exFAT and check the Quick format box, and then press Start.
  • We will wait a moment, only the larger the USB drive, the longer it will take to format.
  • Once the process is complete, the USB drive is ready to communicate with the console.


 Make use of the USB Drive for extended storage of the console: sometimes it is possible to use a USB drive in order to extend the storage capacity of the console, but there are some drives that do not usually work so know How to fix PS5 Does Not Recognize USB Error makes it necessary to consider these requirements:


  •  SuperSpeed ​​USB 5 Gbps or later.
  • 250 GB minimum, 8 TB maximum capacity.


 Sometimes there are devices that are not necessarily compatible with the console, or that there is no possibility of using more than one external storage device simultaneously, sometimes we save games on these units and if we want to play them, we must take care of transferring them to the SDD of the console.

It should be noted that Sony has taken care of providing information to format a USB drive and use it as extended storage, so knowing How to fix PS5 Does Not Recognize USB Error makes it necessary to consider:


  •  Plug the USB drive into a USB port on the top of the console and go to Settings.
  • Then, we must go to Storage and proceed to select USB Extended Storage.
  • We will locate Format as USB Extended Storage.
  • We must avoid disconnecting the unit or turning off the console while the formatting process is taking place because it could cause data loss, damage the USB drive or damage the console.


 This is all we know about How To Fix PS5 USB ports not working , so you can apply any of the solutions provided here and thus avoid coming across this error once again.

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