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If you want to know how to fix error code E2-00000000 in PS5, we cover everything you need to know in the following article.

What is error code E2-00000000 in PS5?

This is an error related to downloading the latest update for some games, which causes users to do nothing but the error message "Something went wrong".

Among the problem juices we can mention Cyberpunk 2077, Black OPS5 Cold War, Assassin's Creed Valhalla among others. And that's why we are going to tell you how to fix error code E2-00000000.

How to fix error code E2-00000000 in PS5?

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    The first thing you have to do is press the PS5 button on the controller> go to Downloads> choose the problem update> select Continue> again select the update and then select the "Pause" option.

    The next thing will be to restart the console and repeat the first three steps.

    5. Restart the PS5 console.

    The problem could be due to the fact that when we try to install an update while copying from the disk we could encounter this error.

    And in case the above has not corrected the problem, you will have to press the Options button> select Delete and confirm. Then you will have to go to Settings from the gear icon> go to Network> Settings> Connect to the Internet to disconnect> insert the game CD> select Copy and wait until the disc is installed to return to Settings> Network> Settings > Connect to the Internet.

    Then you will have to return to the home screen in search of the game, press Option> Check for updates, which should install the update without problem.

    We hope that our guide on how to fix error code E2-00000000 in PS5, will be as useful as possible and you will be able to correct this problem as soon as possible.

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