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PS5: How to Factory Reset - Tips and tricks

2020-11-17 08:54:48

Now that the PS5 has just been released, some users are wondering how to factory reset settings - tips and tricks and for you our guide.

Why do factory reset PS5.

They are not isolated cases, they are really quite common, what many did not imagine is that they would have to do it so soon. Despite the fact that the new generation of Sony consoles was released recently, many users have already had to reset their console to factory settings due to some problems.

Keep in mind that this process erases all data from the console, all of it, and leaves the console software as if it were just leaving the factory. So if you did not previously make a backup, you will lose all your files and saved items. So in case you want to know how to factory reset tips and tricks, pay attention.

How to Factory Reset: Tips and Tricks in PS5.

After having made your corresponding backup, the first thing you have to do is access Settings> System> "System software"> "Reset options"> "Reset your console"> "Reset".

We usually do this when we simply have a problem with the console that seems to be insurmountable or when we want to sell it on the second hand market.

  So ends our guide on how to factory reset settings: tips and tricks in PS5, we hope that it will be useful in case at any time you need to reset your console. Remember that about this new console we have a lot of content in our previous guides that we recommend you review.

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