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2020-11-26 07:26:55

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This time we return with a PS5 guide, to explain how to appear offline on and mute all notification.

What to know about PS5?

Recently, with the release of this next-generation console, many questions have been raised, for example by wanting to be able to play hidden without connection and interruptions, with the purpose of not having distractions when supposedly working for example, what is necessary then is understand how to appear offline on and mute all notification and for this, we will rely on what this guide will offer us below, let's see.
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How to appear offline on and mute all notification in PS5?

What we will do in the case of appearing offline to keep us hidden so that no one can know if we are playing or working, we will go to the home screen of the console, we choose our profile that should be noted at the top right of the screen, which must be represented by a photo that we have previously chosen, which we will do here choose our line status among the options that will be presented below our photo, thus chosen to appear offline, which allows this shape until we change our state.

Now in the case of silencing the notifications what we will do is press the PS5 of our control and a mini menu of the control panel will open, here we will go to the notifications section, accessing a list of possibilities that indicate do not disturb and silence all the pop-ups, then we click here to activate any of these options, when we are in this part we will notice that there is the option to go to the notification settings, here we can make more precise modifications in terms of what we want.

 Knowing how to appear offline on and mute all notification is interesting since it allows us to unwind and have more fun with our PS5.

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