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Pokémon GO: How to Trade with Friends - tips and tricks

2020-01-02 15:10:21

The topic that will be discussed in this guide is intended to give the guidelines of How to trade with friends in Pokémon Go.

Sometimes in Pokémon Go our friends will have access to pokemon that we will not find, this depending on the area where you live, the good thing is that there is an important possibility and is to know how to trade with friends and in this guide all the necessary details will be available to make it possible, so let's get into that content that brings the explanation about it.

How to trade with friends in Pokémon Go?

 The first step is that we have in our list of our friends added, it will be necessary to send our code that has 12 digits or receive theirs, with this it will be possible to operate with them instantly, a requirement is that we are at the level 10 to operate, already taking this into account we should only go to our avatar and click on the icon in the lower left section of our screen, access the list of our friends, the following is to select who we will operate with, when entering your profile we have the option to operate in the right part of this section, now when you click this friend you will receive a notification that we are interested in trading with him, by accepting it we will start.

 It is possible now that we select a pokemon to send it and waiting for the selection of these, it is important to consult with the other coach about what we want, in this way the exchange will be quick, you have to be close to them to do the operation.

What should we know to complete the exchange in Pokémon Go?

  There is an obstacle to carry out How to trade with friends, we will need to offer the star dust, according to our level of friendship the values will vary, if our friendship is high enough with the coach with whom we want to exchange, we will spend less dust of stars, that depends on whether or not the pokemon owns and in both categories bright pokemon.

  Pokemon with owner


  • Good Friend: Bright is 20,000 and Regular is 100
  • Great Friend: Bright is 16000 and Regular is 80
  • Ultra Friend: Bright is 1600 and Regular 8
  • Best Friend: Bright is 800 and Regular is 4


  Pokemon without owner


  •   Good friend: Bright is 1000000, and Regular is 20000
  • Great Friend: Bright is 800000 and Regular is 20000
  • Ultra Amig: Bright is 80000 and Regular is 16000
  • Best Friend: Bright is 40000 and Regular is 800

Knowing how to trade with friends in Pokémon Go there is the possibility of changing individual values, this can happen randomly, if they increase they will be stronger and if they fall weaker, this can make it a lottery, so we can end with a weaker pokemon, which will be contrary to our plan, each pokemon has a range of possible state changes, so we can have an idea of what can happen, we can only make the change once of a pokemon, so no We can try to obtain improvements in individual values in continuous changes.

  We come to the end of this explanation, where our theme focuses on How to trade with friends in Pokémon Go, with these guidelines this content will guarantee that we do it without any problem and we hope that it will be useful to all our readers.

iOS, Android
Augmented reality, location-based game
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Niantic, The Pokémon Company
Release date:
July 6, 2016

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