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Pokémon GO: How to Beat Sierra

2020-01-06 10:13:47

Our goal for which the realization of this article is to cover all the guidelines of How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO.

Who is Sierra in Pokémon GO?

  We have that this belongs to Team Rocket, is one of the 3 leaders they have, so that we get to have this confrontation, we have to collect 6 strange components of the captured PokéStops, which are called Rocket Grunts, this will allow us to create a Radar to locate the leaders, it is something important to start our fight of How to beat Sierra, for more specific details it is important that we follow the content below.

How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO?

 It is important the use of Pokemon that have resistance and robust to face this fight of How to beat Sierra, the options focused on damage are certainly effective but with this we will not have the necessary resistance in our Pokemon, the defense and general attacks will become the most correct strategy to face any Pokémon that is used by it in Pokémon GO.

 Part 1

 Sierra will use Absol a Dark-type, our options against the first Pokemon used by it, is the use of the Insects, Fairy or Fight types, where the types of attacks are of these, in this way with any of these possibilities not We will have setbacks to win.

Part 2

In this part of the battle, we have to face 3 different possibilities of use by Sierra, he will choose to face between Alakazam psychic type, Lapras water and ice type and Carturne type grass and darkness, which will lead us to use creativity being both strategic in this battle, so that we exist when facing Alakazam and Cacturne, our choice has to be to use Pokemon Bug type or Bug type movements, in the case of Lapras, this has weaknesses against the types Electric, Fight, Grass and Rock. Any of these types will be effective against Cacturne and Lapras, now, if it is against Alacazam, one of these options will be void against it, so our slot will be useless, then being Bug-type Herracross our best option.

Part 3

 In this last stage of How to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO, we have that Sierra has 3 other options for this occasion, which will be between psychic type and fight, type fire and darkness of Houndoom or grass and darkness of Shiftry, we have that these option square more with the previous ones, so that our choice can become simpler, the best opportunity we will find in a flying Pokemon, allowing us to overshadow Shiftry or Gallade, but in the case of Houndoom we do not have a chance with a flying , the movements of this are of fire and darkness, so we will have to be attentive to the writings of our Pokemon to see what options will be available.

 To resist the attacks of Gallade we have that a perfect option will be Lugia, in addition to that we can cause great damage to the 3 Sierra options, avoiding Shiftry attacks will be the only thing that can have some complexity but nevertheless it is everything, always It is key that our focus is on having a stable Pokemon in defense and that in each battle it will be reliable, we are certainly in this battle against Sierra in which it has its Pokemon of great health and damage, so the resistance is important, in order to reach the end and support the movements of this opponent more.

 This is how our article ends, with all the guidelines to follow that allow us to know how to beat Sierra in Pokémon GO, so to follow this content is a guarantee of success against this opponent, we hope that our readers think about them and that they are of help.

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Niantic, The Pokémon Company
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July 6, 2016

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