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LEGO Worlds: How to Get Gold Bricks - tips and tricks

2020-01-06 11:15:19

In this opportunity we bring a LEGO Worlds guide where we have a clear objective, to teach you how to obtain gold bricks

The gold bricks are simply a coin in this game, they are necessary to be able to level up, get new skills and items in LEGO Worlds, because this is really an adventure, which is full of phenomenal experiences, but here we find a small inconvenience, and that is that when we manage to finish the levels of the tutorial, we are not told how to get more coins, so we invite you to continue reading, put here the sets How to get gold bricks.  

How to obtain gold bricks after the LEGO Worlds Tutorial?

The Tutorial is simply a guide that takes us through the worlds, where we will have the chance to earn that currency, but the gold bricks are not eternal at some point we will run out, because to unlock new worlds is potentially use them, this is where we must ask how we can go to the next world, because to do this requires buying a downloadable content that must pay, plus the next world requires more gold bricks, because this can simply be described as a strategy of the developer to be able to unlock the worlds.

Here is where we must be attentive, because to know how to get gold bricks, just click on the icon of the spaceship, which will be located at the bottom of the map of the galaxies, where we can open other groups of icons, there we have the possibility of getting one that says "Find a random world", obviously, takes us to a world where we have the opportunity to get more of these precious coins, this being a reward.

How to obtain gold bricks quickly and easily in LEGO Worlds? 

The bricks are obtained mainly in the stages of the tutorial, probably these are not difficult, even when there is no specific method to get them, it is important to collect as much as possible, because here we can win the worlds we want, let's see some aspects to consider here:
  •  - Locating and opening treasure chests is important, since they are hidden in underground caverns, as we arrive at them with the yellow marker, where we will have to dig.
  •   - The missions here are excellent, since they give us gold bricks and offer us rewards with plans for our discovery, here it is important to follow the green markers, because they locate us where the mission is located.
Last but not least, the bugs, it is important to hunt them and eliminate them, they contain gold bricks and some rewards.

This brings us to the end of our LEGO Worlds guide and we hope that with this writing you will know how to obtain gold bricks. 

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