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Pokémon Go: How to beat Reshiram

2020-05-22 10:27:34

There are many users wondering how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon Go, so we prepared this guide to help you.

Who is Reshiram in Pokémon Go.

Before telling you how to beat Reshiram you have to know that this is a legendary Pokémon, so it can only be captured during five-star raids, so it will not be an easy encounter starting because you will need to have a band pass and the help of four friends at least. With this in mind we are going to tell you how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon Go.

How to beat Reshiram in Pokémon GoO.

The first thing you have to know about how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon GoO this boss is a Dragon and Fire type Pokémon, therefore one of his weakness is other Dragon types, along with the Earth and Rock types, he is strong against Grass, Ice, Bug, Steel and other Dragon types, so you want to avoid having other Dragon types in the encounter and opt for Earth and Rock type options, and there are several options available to you.

Among the options you can consider optimizing Reshiram's Ground and Rock type weaknesses are the following:

Tyranitar is a Dark and Rock-type Pokémon, which despite not having many Rock-type moves to use against Reshiram, remains a superior option, allowing you to hit and edge stone, or hit and creak. Biting and creaking will not be as effective as Reshiram because they are Dark type moves, but if you have a powerful Tyranitar it is a good option to have in your lineup.

As a second option we have Garchomp. It is a specimen of the Earth and Dragon type. Of the options, it is weak for any Reshiram Dragon-type attack, but Reshiram is also vulnerable to them, you should be aware that Reshiram uses non-Dragon-type attacks frequently. The best moves for Garchomp are the dragon tail and earthquake, mud shot and outrage, and dragon tail and outrage.

As a third option we have Rhyperior. An Earth and Rock type Pokémon, able to withstand most of Reshiram's attacks. The best attacks for this are Mud and Earthquake Slap, Stone Smash and Edge, or Rock Smasher and Smasher.

If you do not have any of the above three you can count on Paiki, Terrakion, Dialga, Hazorus, Rampardos, Salamence, Excadrill, Dragonite, Golem, Groudon or Rayquaza.

Once the raid is completed you will receive a series of premier balls depending on how you have performed during the raid and other aspects such as if you did it with coaches who are your friends for example.

 This is everything you need to know about how to beat Reshiram in Pokémon GoO, we hope that now that you know you can get Reshiram in the shortest possible time and without any complications to get things done fast enough.

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