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Planet Zoo: How To have Barriers and Fences

2019-11-06 11:24:54

 In this guide we will talk about the solution to having barriers and fences in Planet Zoo.

 In some enclosures in Planet Zoo it will be important that we raise barriers and fences, to avoid that some of the animals can get out, being this a problem for the visitors, for such reason it is good that we know what we will do to solve this that can become a problem, for it the content that comes next is going to help us.

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    Why are barriers and fences important in Planet Zoo?

     Certainly for animals such as the turtle high fences are not of great importance, because they do not have much jumping ability, checking the tab of each of the animals for details, it is important to check under the statue of the enclosure to give us If the fences comply with the appropriate height according to the animal, it is of great importance because if they get to escape they can hurt the visitors.

     How to have barriers and fences in Planet Zoo?

     The first thing we must do is that in the part of the fence that has the enclosure surrounded we double click it, so we will access a small menu on the screen, there is an up and down arrow, right and left triangles and a In the center, with the triangle we will access the part of the fence, with this we will select the complete closure, in addition we can drag with the clicks, at the moment that we already have the entire area selected, we press without releasing the arrow pointing up and below, with which we can drag up or down, so that the height increases or decreases in the enclosure.

    In conclusion, we hope that this solution helps concretely how to have barriers and fences in Planet Zoo, thus providing the necessary utility.

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