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Luigi's Mansion 3: How to Beat Polterkitty

2019-11-06 10:06:36

We have prepared for you a guide of Luigi's Mansion 3 where we will explain everything about how to defeat Polterkitty.

The best thing that can be presented to us in Luigi's Mansion 3 is without a doubt, the ghosts and all kinds of hidden secrets that we can find, among which is Polterkitty, obviously this boss will see it the first time when we are already in the middle of the game , and it is quite annoying because it keeps us in a fight along several floors, so let's see what we need to defeat this boss.

How to make the first assault to beat Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3?

This is the first encounter we will have and this occurs on the 8th floor, in the fire set, because it is exactly where we discover some spectral clues, only to be able to do so we need to use the Dark Light function, to be able to check the furniture where Polterkitty is somewhat annoying, this happens after we have finished the battle adjacent to Godzilla.

How to fight with Polterkitty Boss Fight in Luigi's Mansion 3?

When we are in one of those moments when we feel that we do not have any way out, it is excellent to use Gooigi, because we can place it behind us, looking for it to be in front of the boss, because since Poterkitty is not interested in fighting with him, he simply will ignore

This boss tends to be quite insistent in terms of combat, we should only be cautious, since we cannot attack him directly, if we do we will be defeated very easily, so we will only ignore him looking to the opposite side, because it is ideal, since his objective is to harass us, here we must be agile and before he hits us, we will load the Strobulb, for this we need to use the A button, we just turn in front of the boss and stun him

This stunning exercise should be done at least 3 times, since the fight continues to develop, then we will have the opportunity to rip a tail, it is there that our adversary will seek to go to the Backstage and retire to the 7th floor in Luigi's Mansion 3.

How to catch Polterkitty on the 7th floor of Luigi's Mansion 3?

After having found ourselves fighting in the second phase our adversary goes out to hide on the 7th floor, because he goes directly to the Ivy bathroom, where we will have to make use of the dark light, here we have to repair the pipes to make our enemy leave, here Again we must make use of Gooigi, because with your help we can move a huge watermelon, and using dark light we can see that a drain is hidden in the ground, and in this way send Gooigi so that it can turn on the taps whose purpose is to make Polterkitty get trapped there

How can we beat Polterkitty in the second round in Luigi's Mansion 3?

This is the longest fight we will have with Polterkitty in Luigi's Mansion 3 since it takes us through three floors, since this battle extends over the 11,12,13 floor, and occurs after we have defeated Johnny Deepend.

  • Ø Floor 13 of Luigi's Mansion 3: the first thing our enemy will do here is hide in a boxing bag, for this it is necessary to use a suction injection, in order to throw some boxing gloves, here the only thing with that we will fight is with a lot of ghosts, when we have finished it is necessary to follow the tracks, until we reach the weight room, when entering it is necessary to use the Strobulb to start the fight with Polterkitty who will descend since we will see it hanging high .

  • Ø 12th floor in Luigi's Mansion 3: we must continue in pursuit of our enemy and we reach the 12th floor of Luigi's Mansion 3, The Spectral Catch, until we continue to the beach, there it is necessary to review a barrel, after having cleared the enemies by these sides, is when we see that Polterkitty jumps to start our fight.

  • Ø Floor 11 of Luigi's Mansion 3: this is finally the place where we can defeat our adversary, there we go down until we reach the room with the hats, because we will realize that Polterkitty is hidden there because it runs out of one of them, in direction there was the stage hall, for this we will have to execute a very special jump by pressing ZL ZR in this way we raise some hats simultaneously, and we will see that our enemy is in the stage coffin with many swords nailed, it is here where finally gives the main meeting and with the help of Gooigi we shoot a stroke of plunger towards each central panel, simultaneously, finally captured Polterkitty we can return quietly to the 14th floor, and continue with our game.

As you will see it is a long, but interesting battle, we hope our guide guides you and can defeat Chief Polterkitty by following our steps in Luigi's Mansion 3, good luck.

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