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2020-11-02 07:59:24

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Pikmin 3 Deluxe is a very lively game and today it will take us to discover how to beat the Plasm Wraith.

What to know about the Plasm Wraith in Pikmin 3 Deluxe?

He is one of the bosses that we are going to face when exploring the planet PNF-404, it is difficult to overcome if we are not sufficiently prepared in relation to the actions to follow with our squad, in order to save Olimar it is necessary that we know how to beat the Plasm Wraith and for this we will rely on the content of this guide, we just have to continue reading, then let's do it.
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How to beat Plasm Wraith in Pikmin 3 Deluxe?

 It is possible that this monster is chasing us throughout the trunk, but we have to face it with our team, only that it is vital to have all the Pikmin classes to face such a difficult battle, when we find it in the field we will attack it with the Pikmin until This knocks them down, while if we cause the necessary damage we will see how parts of their bodies will be scattered around the field, what we will do is prepare our Pikmin and launch them in the direction of the spots, which allows us to make the boss lose size and in the same way it will happen with their health, over time we have that the Plasm Wraith will be placing some cubes in the field, which to knock them down, one of the specific types of Pikmin is necessary.

 What we will do is note that if the cube is on fire, the Pikmin to launch will be red, if it is in a water sphere it will be blue, in the case that the cubes are covered with electricity we will use yellow ones, which allows that the moment the boss gets into the cube-shaped structure he can receive damage, from this point what we will do is do our part with the stains that will spread until we finally get to defeat him, in this On occasion, the use of the Ultra-Spicy Spray may be ideal, with which we can improve the power of our Pikmin.

 This is all there is to know about How to beat the Plasm Wraith, we just have to consider the details that allow us to win this fight in Pikmin 3 Deluxe.

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