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2020-07-21 09:12:30

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We continue the adventure through Paper Mario The Origami King and this time we focus on explaining where to find Olivia in the forest

Who is Olivia in Paper Mario The Origami King?

This is our partner from the beginning of this game, she is one of the characters that is being controlled by the so-called King Olly, because with Olivia we cross in the dungeons from which we escaped but the small big problem is that we realize that she has precisely disappeared and it is our job to fight to find her
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Where to find Olivia in the woods at Paper Mario The Origami King?

 When we realize that Olivia has disappeared we are in the tree, so it is our task to mobilize ourselves to look for her. For this we can use the 1000 Folded Arms, so we can choose to go to the screen and for this it is only necessary to move down in the zone of the middle, and proceeds to move along this road where there is a hole and from here we hear the voice of Olivia as she concentrates on speaking to us, in addition to even setting us the task of picking up a bag of confetti that she has thrown on the ground of the tree where we fell while escaping from the dungeons.

 Our job is to collect the confetti from the ground, here we can choose to hit some flowers using our hammer, we also take a look at the icon at the top on the left side and as soon as this has changed to green we will approach the hole calmly since it will be precisely Olivia who asks us, being there it is only necessary to press ZR since with this we will throw the confetti into the air and this obviously sticks in the hole, because as you will see know Where to find Olivia in the forest is not difficult but an interesting task.

 Then comes the work of filling this hole and we can see that it has turned into green grass, for this it will only be necessary to keep pressing ZR, finally we can go to Olivia and remove her using the A key.

 Definitely knowing where to find Olivia in the forest makes us stay active and in constant movement, as this is a task that for us is not very complicated so try it and get the most out of Paper Mario The Origami King.

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